Treasury of Music #4: Newworldson

Unfortunately, there is not that much good, creative Christian music around nowadays (to my ears anyway). Canadian soul band Newworldson, though, are a notable exception.
They were recommended to me some years ago, but I only ever really listened to their second album Salvation Station, which I loved almost from start to finish. Somehow, I thought their other albums not to be that worthwhile to check out. I must have chosen the wrong tracks when giving it a shot …
For this week’s episode of the Treasury of Music I listened extensively to three of their albums, excluding their self-released debut Roots Revolution (some of its songs were re-recorded for later albums). And Salvation Station’s successor Newworldson is at least equally as good, whereas their newest studio album Rebel Transmission was indeed a bit of a disappointment to me, but it still features a few very good songs.
Finding this wonderful music, that I somehow missed out on for years, is what I enjoy the most about creating the Treasury of Music, and I hope the series is giving the same joy to some of those who read it and listen to the music.
Here are now my favourite Newworldson songs in a handy Spotify playlist with an honorary mention of the studio footage of Sweet Soul Music from their debut album over on YouTube.

  • That’s Exactly (How I Like It)
  • Working Man
  • Babylon Is Gonna Fall
  • Down From The Mountain
  • Commander
  • Rocky Road
  • You Set The Rhythm
  • Borderline
  • Son Of Man
  • Waiting Till The Rapture Come
  • Salvation Station
  • Gimme
  • Empty Heart
  • Listen To The Lord
  • In Your Arms
  • Radio Ghost Town
  • Total Eclipse
  • There Is A Way
  • Shake Holy Spirit