Treasury of Music #5: District 97

I still remember very precisely how I came upon District 97, my favourite Progressive Rock band of this generation. It was almost three years ago – on May 17, 2013 – when they played at Das Rind in Rüsselsheim and I did lights for them, having only briefly heard two or three songs before. It was the most fun I ever had working there (there’s video proof), trying to understand their songs on the fly and following their intricate rhythms with my lights, half of which had spontaneously decided to not be working that night.
Since then, they released a phenomenal third album and have recently undergone a lineup change. They will be on tour in Europe by the end of March and in the US in May, and I urge you to go see one of their shows – they are fantastic on CD (their last two albums were mixed by the great Rich Mouser and sound fantastic), but live they are even better!

To whet your appetite here is my playlist of favourites:

  • Snow Country
  • Death By A Thousand Cuts
  • Open Your Eyes
  • On Paper
  • Termites
  • Who Cares?
  • A Lottery
  • The Perfect Young Man
  • The Thief
  • Takeover
  • Blinding Vision

Treasury of Music #4: Newworldson

Unfortunately, there is not that much good, creative Christian music around nowadays (to my ears anyway). Canadian soul band Newworldson, though, are a notable exception.
They were recommended to me some years ago, but I only ever really listened to their second album Salvation Station, which I loved almost from start to finish. Somehow, I thought their other albums not to be that worthwhile to check out. I must have chosen the wrong tracks when giving it a shot …
For this week’s episode of the Treasury of Music I listened extensively to three of their albums, excluding their self-released debut Roots Revolution (some of its songs were re-recorded for later albums). And Salvation Station’s successor Newworldson is at least equally as good, whereas their newest studio album Rebel Transmission was indeed a bit of a disappointment to me, but it still features a few very good songs.
Finding this wonderful music, that I somehow missed out on for years, is what I enjoy the most about creating the Treasury of Music, and I hope the series is giving the same joy to some of those who read it and listen to the music.
Here are now my favourite Newworldson songs in a handy Spotify playlist with an honorary mention of the studio footage of Sweet Soul Music from their debut album over on YouTube.

  • That’s Exactly (How I Like It)
  • Working Man
  • Babylon Is Gonna Fall
  • Down From The Mountain
  • Commander
  • Rocky Road
  • You Set The Rhythm
  • Borderline
  • Son Of Man
  • Waiting Till The Rapture Come
  • Salvation Station
  • Gimme
  • Empty Heart
  • Listen To The Lord
  • In Your Arms
  • Radio Ghost Town
  • Total Eclipse
  • There Is A Way
  • Shake Holy Spirit

Treasury of Music #3: James Taylor

I know James Taylor for many years now, but I only ever knew some of his better known songs and that he sometimes collaborated with Carole King. So listening to (almost) all of his albums over the last three weeks was a really joyous experience. Unfortunately his two albums Never Die Young and Hourglass are not available on Spotify, so I couldn’t listen to them and include any of those songs in the playlist.
I already knew of James Taylor that he had a great voice and was very capable of writing beautiful pop songs with strong melodies and it was a joy to find that many of his songs also feature wonderful vocal harmonies, which I am always a fan of. But I had no idea that he did this really great groovy, bluesy, funky songs like Angry Blues or Family Man. So, a nice mixture of it all you can find in this playlist:

  • Something In The Way She Moves
  • Lo And Behold
  • Country Road
  • Fire And Rain
  • Suite For 20 G
  • Gorilla
  • Nothing Like A Hundred Miles
  • Shower The People
  • A Junkie’s Lament
  • Hymn
  • Fanfare
  • You've Got A Friend
  • I Was A Fool To Care
  • Woman’s Gotta Have It
  • Angry Blues
  • Carolina In My Mind
  • Family Man
  • Traffic Jam
  • One More Go Round
  • Raised Up Family
  • Far Afghanistan