Treasury of Music #10: Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld

Lalle Larsson belongs to the vast pool of excellent Swedish Progressive Rock musicians who are seemingly all connected with each other through several bands, among them The Flower Kings, whom I previously featured on the Treasury of Music. The first time I saw Lalle Larsson live was also as opening act for The Flower Kings where he played beautiful solo piano arrangements for a room full of people with everybody listening in wonder – the one man chattering was quickly quietened down. Quite a concert experience which you might only get at Prog concerts (apart from Classical).
In Lalle Larsson’s Weaveworld the pianist and composer teamed up with, amongst others, one of my favourite bass players Jonas Reingold for three albums full of a mixture of heavy Prog with a strong Jazz influence and those beautiful, melancholic melodies that only Swedes seem to be able to write. Listen and enjoy for yourself:

  • A Demon’s Kiss
  • Dance Of The Dead
  • Newborn Awakening
  • Insomnia
  • Nocturne
  • Otherworldly
  • City Of Lost Souls
  • Marionette
  • Infinity Of Worlds
  • Rainbow’s Gold