Treasury of Music #13: Unitopia

The easiest way to discover and fall in love with Unitopia would be to listen to their second album The Garden, which I did excessively during the summer of 2010. But since their three other albums (including one cover album) all contain superb songs as well, there is the need for a compact playlist.
Sadly Unitopia disbanded in 2014, but I was able to catch them live on their only Europe tour in October 2010. Former members of the band then formed the bands United Progressive Fraternity and Southern Empire, but unfortunately neither of their debut albums clicked with me as Unitopia did.

On a more organisational note, I will be posting new Treasury of Music entries only once a month from now on, mostly on the first Monday of a month (which I had to delay for a week this time).

  • Common Goal
  • Tesla
  • More Than A Dream
  • Justify
  • 321
  • Even In The Quietest Moments
  • The Garden
  • Inside The Power
  • This Life