Treasury of Music #7: The Flower Kings

About 11 years ago I was introduced to the musical goodness that is Progressive Rock. One of the first bands of this genre I knew and really liked were The Flower Kings and more specifically their album The Rainmaker (thanks to my brother).
Subsequently, bassist Jonas Reingold became my favourite bass player for a while (now only surpassed by Michael League) and guitarist Roine Stolt is also one of my favourites with his very melodic and not too technical style. In the meantime I have seen them live four times and it was there (on the Banks Of Eden tour 2012, to be precise) that I really noticed and came to love their frequent three-part harmony singing.
The aforementioned Roine Stolt & Jonas Reingold are also part of many other Swedish and international Prog bands that I can highly recommend: Transatlantic, Agents of Mercy and Karmakanic among them.

It was not possible for me to shorten the playlist to less than just under 160 minutes, but seeing as that is the length of two CDs and The Flower Kings released quite a few double albums, I found it appropriate. Although I have to admit that I find it somewhat difficult to listen to their double albums as they do have some lengths, and I favour their shorter albums like The Rainmaker, Back In The World Of Adventures, or Retropolis. I even more recommend the album The Flower King, but as it was released as a Roine Stolt solo album with some musicians that then became The Flower Kings, I ignored it for the following playlist.
Its order is mostly chronological, although I put my favourite song first and swapped some songs that belong to the same album to create a better listening experience.

  • Numbers
  • Go West Judas
  • My Cosmic Lover
  • The Judas Kiss
  • There Is More To This World
  • In The Eyes Of The World
  • Garden Of Dreams: Don’t Let The d’Evil In
  • Corruption
  • Last Minute On Earth
  • Serious Dreamers
  • Sword Of God
  • Monkey Business
  • Paradox Hotel
  • Life Will Kill You
  • The Sum Of No Reason
  • Life In Motion
  • Last Carnivore
  • White Tuxedos